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At Air Conditioning Warehouse, we sell air conditioning units for use in domestic premises, offices, shops, food processing areas, factories, computer rooms and restaurants. We offer Trade prices on DIY Kit-sets and systems direct to the public. Simple and easy to use kits are delivered to your door.

Not sure what you need for your home system? Air Conditioning Warehouse can help out with the layout and design, and we can also arrange your installation for you. We supply top-quality equipment and materials for the installation of your air conditioning system. We’re happy to advise you what type of system, layout, and brand options would be best suited to meet your needs as, well as your budget. Save money by buying directly through us!

Brands at Air Conditioning Warehouse

Air Conditioning Warehouse carries a wide variety of ducted and split air conditioners from the top brands in the Australian market, such as

An Australian-owned company established in 1984, often recognised as a
superior choice for heating and cooling solutions.
Japan-based electronics company with an 80-year history and a leader in
electronics and air conditioning development.
A leading worldwide brand in electronics, with a 50+ year history of making
great strides forward in technology.
An engineering company and globally recognised brand with a long history
in home and business electronics.
Korean-founded corporation and a worldwide leader in communications tech,
as well as a developer in AC.


We can supply all the accessories you need to get the job done, including:

  • Adhesives
  • Annealed (soft drawn) copper
  • Brackets
  • BTOs
  • Cable
  • Colourbond hat section
  • Copper accessories
  • Damper blades with kit
  • DBTOs
  • Diffusers
  • Drip trays
  • FLEX
  • Hard drawn copper
  • In line fans
  • Manual dampers
  • Miscellaneous electrical
  • Motorised zone dampers
  • Pair coils
  • Pipe insulation
  • PVC drain
  • Reducers
  • Return air boxes/cappers
  • Return air grilles
  • Return air plenums
  • Side wall boots
  • Side wall registers (grilles)
  • Smart ducts
  • Supply air plenums
  • Tools
  • Y-pieces

No matter what you need for installing your very own home air conditioning system, Air Conditioning Warehouse can supply what you require from the brand of your choice. With over ten years of service, we can provide your home with the comfort level that you deserve!

We’re open 7AM to 4:30PM Monday through Friday, and can set up appointments on Saturday if you can’t make it during the week. We even offer obligation-free quotes if you are interested!

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