Air Conditioning Warehouse is an air conditioning material supply company dedicated to providing quality equipment and the materials needed to complete installation, to meet the customer’s requirements at the smallest possible cost.

We can advise the type of system, either ducted or split type, and then devise a layout and brand options to suit your preference and budget.

Simply send us a plan and we’ll work with you towards a suitable outcome.


Home, office, shops and commercial applications all require air conditioning, and for installation we have a number of fully licensed contract installers that will complete the installation in a completely professional manner, on time and at an economical cost.

This method of buying the full set and then having it installed is guaranteed to save on expenses and not compromise on quality. Our warranties fully apply and in most situations cover five years of use, depending on the air conditioning unit.

Special Deals

Many specials are available such as cash backs, barbecue giveaways, and appliance giveaways. These deals change from various brands and are offered at different times of the year, so simply ask us for the best deal available at this time!

Shipping and Transportation

For a project that requires the transportation of lots of equipment, we are able to source the best and most cost-efficient freight options allowing Air Conditioning Warehouse (Qld) Pty Ltd to satisfy customer requirements in far off locations on time and well within budget.

Everything You Need!

Exhaust fans, air supply or extraction systems, sheet metal ductwork, and grills and fitting to suit specialist applications such as bathrooms and kitchens (both commercial and domestic) are all available. Simply contact us by phone or email with your needs.

Air Conditioning Warehouse is proud to offer great service and, we believe, the best prices around the Gold Coast for air conditioning units and equipment.

Our aim is to offer everyone a competitive price regardless of whether you have an ABN or not. All we need is your floor plans and we can provide a design and quotation to suit.

If you need help with the installation, we have a number of licensed and certified contractors who can help!

Air conditioning solutions for you!

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