$4500.00 Actron SRA131C 12.2kW Ducted

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2) Evaporative For Factories – If you own a factory or a large commercial building, an evaporative system may be perfect for your needs. Evaporative air conditioners can cool large areas relatively cheaply, and are often used in car factories or anything where there is a large area with hot equipment. They usually have large plenums that distribute the air across the factory.3) The Heat Load Of Machinery – Machines will add heat load to your office or commercial property. Machines like faxes, photocopiers, and printers will all raise the temperature of your office, meaning you will need a higher cooling capacity. Tell your air conditioning contractor this when getting a quote to be sure you are getting a large enough unit to air condition your property.4) Increase Productivity – Workers that are more comfortable will have higher outputs than workers that are either too hot or too cold. If your commercial property does not have air conditioning, consider adding it to increase productivity and goodwill.These are just some of the main reasons to have an air conditioner in a commercial building.